How Credit Loan Works

Learn the simple way to get money today

step 1

Apply from any of our agent locations or through this website and our team will contact you

step 2

Our team will contact you, analyze the documents & provide a quick approval.

step 3
Get your money!

Get the funds in your account,once the formalities are complete.

Hassle-Free Formalities.
A simple and easy way to meet your urgent financial needs

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What makes us unique ?

  • Easy to Apply

    Apply from any of our your agent location or by just filling out the contact form in this website.

  • Quick Decisions

    Our credit team will quickly analyze the details to make a decision on the loan approval.

  • Flexible loan terms

    Borrow the money you need to meet your urgent financial requirements, in flexible tenure between 5 and 30 days.

  • Fast Funding

    Once approved your money will be transferred to your bank account the same day,or least by the next working morning.

  • Simple Repayment

    On the date your repayment is due date we'll take a single repayment from your debit card/bank account.